Get the full museum experience with a tour. Delve deep into the pop, rock and youth culture’s history or hear the storyof the museum’s ground-breaking architecture.

Tours can both be within normal opening hours and outside. We also offer guided tours and rounded with a glass of wine and some snacks in the museum’s beautiful café. Larger groups are divided into smaller groups, each with their tour guide.

RAGNAROCK offers: 

1. General guided tour which takes you around the exhibition, focusing on the exhibition’s many themes

Join a kaleidoscopic journey through the history of the youth culture from the 1950s and beyond. Experience the story of how youth culture – with music as soundtracks – have pushed the boundaries and influenced society through consumption, political attitudes, style and new technologies. On the tour around the exhibition you can scream like a Beatles fans, take a tour on the world’s biggest record player and hear more about why the world champion of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance 1957, Jørn Blach, was called called Rubber-Jørn.

2. Guided tour focusing on the museum’s unique architecture.

General tour of the museum’s exhibition, where the first 15 minutes of the tour are based on the museum’s unique architecture. Questions like – Why is the museum coved with 2654 golden pyramids? What´s with the red look of the lobby? How does the architecture interacts with the museum’s exhibition – will be answered.

After this, a general tour of the museum exhibition will be given at approx. 45 minutes.

All tours takes around 1 hour with a maximum of 25 persons in a group.

1-25 persons: 1 guided tour
26-50 persons: 2 guided tours – you are divided into two groups that will start approx. 15 min. apart.
51 + persons: Special tour – approx. 25 min. introduction to the exhibition by guide. Afterward the guide will stay in the exhibition to answer questions etc.

Book a guided tour on RAGNAROCK:
Call + 45 51 70 70 71 Monday-Friday 9.00-15.00 or write to

Price for guided tours:
A general guided tour
DKK 800

Guided tour with focus on the architecture
DKK 800

Guided tour for group 51+ persons
from DKK 2.400

All the above prices are excluded the admission fee
Adult: DKK 95
Groups min. 15 persons: DKK 80 per person
Under 18: Free