RAGNAROCKS Museum Store offers a wide selection of pop and rock related items. As the first and only shop in Denmark, the museum shop sells original Roskilde Festival posters in limited editions. You can also buy reprints of all posters from the last 46 years.

We also have exclusive products, like jewelry from Michala Eken and photography from Jørgen Angel.

  • Free entrance to museumshop
  • Open within the museum opening hours
  • Tickets for exhibition and events
  • Gift Card

Merchandise can be ordered by contacting the store

Contact Us

+45 23 60 80 84

Tues-Sun: 10:00 – 17:00
Wed: 10:00 -22:00

T-Shirt - Wing Logo

Dkr: 199 kr.

T-Shirt - GAS 2

Dkr: 199 kr.

All T-shirts come in:
Female sizes S - XL
Male sizes S - XXXL

Baby Body - Wing Logo

Dkr: 149 kr.

Size: 62, 68, 74, 80

Shopping Net

Dkr: 99 kr.

Shopping Net

Dkr: 99 kr.

T-Shirts, Baby Body and Shopping Net
are produced by: Neutral

Hoodie - Wing Logo

Dkr: 299 kr.

Size: XS - XXXL

Exhibition poster

Dkr: 99 kr.

Memory game

Dkr: 249 kr.

94 round gaming pieces 6 cm ind diametre

4 Coasters

Dkr: 100 kr.

6 Post card / A5

Dkr: 100 kr.

4 Magnets

Dkr: 80 kr.