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RAGNAROCK – Museum for pop, rock and youth was founded in 2016 to explore the modern social phenomenon of youth culture, how it has evolved since the 1950s and how it has influenced the social development  in both Denmark and around the world.

While rock music has been covered by other museums on multiple occasions, RAGNAROCK stands apart by primarily focusing on the cultural and social influence that it has had from the 1950’s onward (as opposed to only covering music itself). Generally, the museum focuses on the artists themselves with their exhibits being a sort of shrine to the person or band. However, RAGNAROCK not only examines certain artists, but also the culture legacy that he, she or they left behind in addition to their music. For example, RAGNAROCK interprets the social change that Beatlemania, caused in the 1960’s and its profound effect on the youth of that decade.

RAGNAROCK is a part of the Museum Organization ROMU.


In old Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the story of the last battle between gods and giants, where the sun goes out, and the earth ends in an inferno of flames and chaos – but only to be reborn.

So Ragnarok is also the story of the world’s rebirth, describing a new beginning, and in the sense of reflecting that myth also the West’s rebirth after World War 2.

After the war a new generation manifests itself. A youth generation with unprecedented opportunities and attention occurs, and young people now demand influence on the development of society, the end of old systems and the creation of new ones.

It is the confrontation between the old and the creation of the new that gives the museum the name, RAGNAROCK.


RAGNAROCKs iconic building, designed by the star architects of Danish COBE and Dutch MVRDV, supports the narrative, history and atmosphere that the museum wants to convey

When you arrive at RAGNAROCK, walks up the long red carpet toward the With its gold-riveted façade, use of untreated, robust materials and the long “Red Carpet” leading up to the museum entrance.


See, hear and feel your way through the history of rhythmic music from 1950s rock’n’roll, through1980s pop culture to today’s wild rhythms – and get an idea of ​​tomorrow’s music scene.

But RAGNAROCK is more than a roller coaster ride in the colorful history of music.  The museum is also an exciting Exploratorium. Participate in the world’s largest choir, dance our way through history and find your favorite song.

Café, store and events
RAGNAROCK presents through the year many interesting events – from concerts, films and children’s activities to lectures, exhibitions and corporate events.

If you need a break in the experience RAGNAROCK offers the opportunity to relax in the Café. Here you find a fine selection of hot and cold dishes with focus on Danish products and solid gastronomic craftsmanship. You can also explore the museum store, with a selection of many unique items, including cool T-shirts, hoodies, mugs gold, leather belts, books, postcards and many other things. As the only shop in Danmark we sell the original Roskilde Festival Posters in limited editions and reprints.

Free entrance to the museum shop and café. Tickets for the exhibition and events can be purchased in the museum shop.



Rabalderstræde 16 
4000, Roskilde


+45 4631 6854

Mon-Fri: 09:00-15:00


+45 23 60 80 84

Tues-Sun: 10:00 – 17:00
Wed: 10:00 – 22:00


+45 51 70 70 71

Mon-Fri: 10:00-15:00


RAGNAROCK is part of the museum organization ROMU. Below is an overview of the employees who have their regular workplace at RAGNAROCK. To see full overview of all employees in ROMU – tap this link

Morten T. Højsgaard

Director, ROMU
+45 40 17 84 16

Sidsel Risted Staun

Head of exhibitions & visitor experience and communications, ROMU
+45 46 31 65 19

Anette Gade Kristensen

Head of sales, ROMU
+45 46 31 68 60

Morten Nielsen

Head of Maintenance, ROMU
+45 46 31 65 16

Malene Knudsen

Administration and Shop
+45 46 31 68 54

Kirstine Sørensen

Booking Manager
+45 51 70 70 71

Maria Olsson

Sales Manager
+45 21 39 92 58

Christian M. Carlsen

+45 23 60 80 84

Steffen Sørensen

+45 23 60 80 84

Rasmus Rosenørn

Curator, PH.D.
+45 29 42 41 52

Mia Ramsing Jensen

Curator, Exhibitons and Visitor Experience
+45 46 31 68 65

Louise Dahl Christensen

Curator, Education
+45 46 31 65 11

Stine Blegvad

+45 24 26 61 72

Trine Sejthen

Graphical Designer
+45 46 31 65 28

Nina Zieler

+45 23 60 80 84

Christina Ingeborg Andersen

+45 23 60 80 84

Christian From Rasmussen

+45 23 60 80 84

Martin Harvøe Kristensen

+45 23 60 80 84


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