RAGNAROCK – the museum for pop, rock and youth culture is a brand new national, culture historical contemporary museum focusing on music and youth culture. We communicate the development of youth culture, told by the sound, the images and the symbols of rock and pop music. It is a story about, how young people have moved boundaries through music, and how they have affected society through eg. new dance forms, consumption habits, political views, style, use of music players and new technologies. The story is about us, when we listen to music, when we dance, fight, create and worship idols. 

Ever since the 1950’s, the youth has expressed themselves through rock- and pop music in its many forms. The music is one of the strongest cultural movements in the 20th and 21st century, and it’s this movement, that RAGNAROCK communicates and document. The museum is caleidoscopical journey through different themes, that engage, activates and makes you sweat.


RAGNAROCK – the museum for pop, rock and youth culture is created with economic support from:

 Roskilde Kommune – Arbejdsmarkedets Feriefond – Realdania – Bikubenfonden – Foreningen Roskilde Festival – Ny Carlsbergfondet – Tuborgfondet – Egmont Fonden

Lokale og Anlægsfonden – Kronprins Frederiks og Kronprinsesse Marys Fond

The museum exhibition is created in collaboration with:

White Noise Agency – No Parking – STOUENBORG v/Kasper Stouenborg – LightingDesign.dk  v/ Jesper Kongshaug – AV-CENTER

RAGNAROCK is part of the museum group ROMU.


T +45 46 31 68 54

For booking of events, education, tours and meetings:

T +45 5170 7071

RAGNAROCK is part of the museum group ROMU



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Press enquiries conc. RAGNAROCK can be made for:

Nikolaj Lindegaard Helms

Head of communications
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