Through interactive installations and activities the museum invites guests to actively explore the 1,200-square-meter exhibition. The exhibition is based on the following themes:

When the music saw the light!
Music is also a visual experience, and light is today an integrated part of the musical expression at concerts, festivals etc.

Some music genres have occurred based on dance culture and dance has often been the element that has popularized youth and subcultures.

Can music change the world?
This theme deals with how youth culture and music have travelled hand in hand through time, and how music has served as a form of resistance, mobilizer and the voice of the different youth cultures.

Musical currents!
In the theme ‘musical currents’ the audience gets an overview and insight into the development of genres and musical currents within Danish rock and pop culture.

Fanboys and Fangirls!
Idol pictures and posters gives the fanculture a boost. In the 1960’s the Otto Brandenburg-fever rages after he was introduced as the first Danish teenage idol. Cry, tattoos, autographs, Beatle-mania and more talk about fan culture and idol worship over time.

The Red Thread!
The red thread is a digital, chronological timeline, with the starting point of the museum’s collection, illustrates the Danish rock, pop and youth culture from the 1950s until today.

Electrical intimacy!
In this theme, the museum will tell the story about the radio program The Electric Barometer, which for more than 30 years on air at Danmarks Radio has put young people’s daily lives, dreams and love in focus – with music as the focal point and landmark.

This theme deals with the young music consumers, and how we have met the music via different music technologies like radio, record player, mp3 player or streaming services. In an intimate way, the theme convey the very real and daily activities centered around music formats, and what the various technologies have made possible for the listener.

Chasing the good sound!
Musicians have always been on the lookout for “the good sound”. This theme explores the development of the acoustics – from church crypt and bathrooms to modern milliondollar expensive professional studios and DIY musician in the bedroom.

A listening station where visitors can hear old demos, live recordings and alternate versions of well-known Danish artists. Focus is on the unfinished and the genesis of the music before it reaches the music consumer’s ear.

The world’s largest choir!
We invite all visitors to the museum to participate and contribute to a video work of art, which consists of studiorecorded vocal chunks from a Danish hit. Everyone’s contribution is collected and growing continuous-wonder in the museum’s life and will be a dynamic and ever expanding video and audio work.