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Join us on a journey through the history and development of music and youth culture – starting in the 1950’s and up until now. We guarantee an active and engaging ride that will make you break a sweat!

RAGNAROCK’s main exhibition of 1200 m2 consists of 11 different themes that will introduce you to the story of how music and the youth have pushed boundaries and thus helped shape society throughout time.

The themes include: “When music saw the light!” – covering concert lighting, “Fanboys & Fangirls!” – examining the influence that The Beatles and other artists have had on young people, “Rotation!” – an inside look into the technology of music players, and “Can music change the world?” – an examination of the sociopolitical effect of music and artists.

The remaining themes are “Dance!”, “Musical Currents!”, “The Red Thread!”, “Electrical Intimacy!”, “Chasing the Good Sound!”, “The Demoteque” and “The World’s Largest Choir!”.

The wide variety of themes in our main exhibition ensures that there is always something to enjoy or dive into for any music fan.


10.04.19 – 16.06.2019


Embroidery, covers, music, art and togetherness comes together with needle and thread in this current spotexhibition “Embroidery from hell”